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Natica Angilly

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Richmond, CA
(510) 235-0361
email: ​



April 2023

Natica's Website

Artist Statement:​
Poetic inspiration greatly influences all my art work. Movement experience with collaborations of poetry and dance as a unified art form (dancing poetry festivals) intensify my desire to explore inclusive, innovative and collaborative art forms.
Specific referencing – relating to a poem or phrase is meaningful to my choice of direction and process toward toward each each poetic choreography, production, visual and poem. Attempts to gain a deeper understanding, inspiration and reference opens atmospheres that create and share discovery. Reflections of uplifting moments may bring delight, insight and applause. “Cause for Applause And Audible Awe” was the title of one of my dance guide booklets that I developed in order to help coach my poetic dancers. . .

I agree that the artists and their art serve as natural international ambassadors.
Good will and enthusiasm is priceless.

My “gotta dance” attitude comes with an understanding that connection through arts exchange seems to help to recognize and nurture the work of others and the creative spirit.

My experiences with poetry that I first discovered I could dance – was written by my poet husband. A love of poetry and my developing dance techniques; nurtured efforts at writing articles, books, poetry, choreography and staging for the Dancing Poetry Festivals founded by my poet husband Richard Angilly and myself are my constant call to discovery. Some poetic performances, readings and exchanges cause opportunity to discover poets, create, connect, and make friends. Poetic discovery is always thrilling.

Natica Angilly is co-creator and artistic director of the annual Dancing Poetry Festival held at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, now celebrating 24 years of poetry and poetry together with dance, as a showcase each year
for over fifty poets and more than a dozen dancing poetry groups.
The Festival is designed to open new avenues of inclusion for the arts of poetry, dance motivated by poetry, and fusion arts, with the mission of the arts to further understanding and good will through their universal language. This year’s Festival will be on September 16, 2017.

Natica, her poet husband Richard Angilly, and their Poetic Dance Theater Company, have performed for over thirty years in many national and international events and ceremonies. In 1986, she was crowned "Spirit Of Poetry” by United Poets Laureate International in the San Francisco City Hall Rotunda. In 2006, she was awarded the title of “World Muse” in Taishan, China, during a World Congress of Poetry, and in 2016 named poet of the month. She is published in the 2015 Ina Coolbrith Anthology, and San Francisco Peace and Hope anthology of 2016. Her poem “Soul Translations” was recently featured on the cover of “Poets of the World” Magazine. Natica is the author of: Dancing Poetry,Classical Expressions for Poetic Dancers, Claim Fame- Make Your Artists Statement, Pulse Source - poetry and paintings, and editor of collected works including: Dynamism: What Makes Our Artistry Matter, Art Sense-Dance Sensational, and Moving Fusion. Her recent interview with Guernica Magazine in 2016 highlighting the relevance of poetry and dance is the most comprehensive to date. Please watch for the new work: Poetic References.

Serving as President of Artists Embassy International – Natica is a Dancing Poet and Poetic Dancer/Choreographer/and Co-founder of the Poetic Dance Theater Company. Her dedication is to the mission of Artists Embassy and the poetic arts to further understanding and good will through the universal language of the arts.

Natica is a long-time member of the National League of American Pen Women, and has received a Book of the Year award from the University Women of Marin, CA. Natica is also a poetic visual artist whose artwork has been exhibited in many venues. She and members of Artists Embassy and guest artists have coordinated an annual month long all arts show with poetry workshops at the Alameda Historical Museum for more than ten years. She is a board member of Alameda Island Poets, a member of Pinole Artisans, and her visual art is motivated by, about or contains poetry. Richard and Natica are both poets and visual artists who enjoy writing and performing poetry.

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