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Tanya Joyce

Artist, Emeryville and San Francisco
phone: (510) 428-0606

Tanya Joyce's first solo exhibition at The Fleming Museum of the University of Vermont drew favorable comment from renown sculptor, Jacques Lipshitz.

Tanya came to San Francisco just as the Beat scene was morphing into the Hippie era. She exhibited at the First Haight Ashbury Street Fair, listened to The Jefferson Airplane outdoors in the Panhandle and walked through Golden Gate Park with poets Philip Whalen and Lew Welch and Sausalito painter John Seaver. She shifted from oil painting to water based media in response to the vibrant influence of Asian arts in the Bay Area.

Tanya read poetry with The Pegasus Program, precursor to California Poetry in the Schools, produced plays by John Lennon for outdoor performance on the green at San Francisco State University, and exhibited paintings in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In reference to works of this period, critic Alfred Frankenstein called Tanya's adaptation of eighteenth century English watercolor technique "Brilliant".

In the 1980's Tanya combined a bold "crayon box" acrylic palette with the subtleties of watercolor. Her ink work has attracted the attention of Chinese scholars and painters. Her large murals of the 1990's extended the scope and power of her brush.

Tanya's use of recycled materials in art began in 1957 when she was a student of Stanley K. S. Philips, one of the first artists to champion reuse in the creative arts.

Tanya is also very involved with the Pinole Artisans and the writer of the Poet's Corner in the Pinole Artisans monthly newsletter.

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