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August 1, 2023 - Printmaking Part 1 of 2

Join us for our next meeting on August 1, 7pm, at the Pinole Library. We are very excited to have Artist, Chris Granillo, who will be providing us with a hands on intro to Printmaking, Part 1 of 2. He will be continuing this workshop with Part 2 at our September meeting.

Chris is a self-taught, Mexican American fine and public artist whose work centers on capturing and honoring community resilience and ways of being.

He is deeply inspired to boldly render flora and fauna using surreal and abstract techniques to shed light on how everyday people interact with their environment. He enjoys working in large scale, on canvas with oil and acrylic paints, and in making wood/lino block prints.

In this printmaking workshop we will be learning about carving lino blocks and monotype printing.

Everyone is welcome! If you haven't been to one of our meetings before and you're thinking you might want to join - please come and check us out! Our meetings are open to the public and we are always welcoming new members.

Bring a piece of art to show us, we love seeing your art!



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