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March 8, 2024 Rachel-Anne Palacios - Mexican Tin Art

Updated: Mar 8

Repujado, or Mexican Tin art, is a beautiful traditional craft with deep cultural roots. Rachel-Anne Palacios's demonstration and lesson offer a wonderful opportunity for participants to not only learn about the history and tradition of this art form but also to engage in a hands-on experience creating their own milagros.

Participants can expect to:

  1. Learn about the history and cultural significance of Mexican Tin art.

  2. Gain insight into the techniques and tools used in Repujado.

  3. Receive guidance and instruction from a skilled local artist, Rachel-Anne Palacios.

  4. Have the opportunity to create their own milagros using provided templates.

  5. Explore their creativity and express themselves through this unique art form.

Events like these are not only educational but also a chance for community members to come together, learn something new, and appreciate the richness of cultural heritage. Rachel-Anne Palacios's expertise and passion for Repujado are sure to make this event engaging and memorable for all participants.

El sobrante United Methodist Church, Keisler Room 7:00 PM

We'd love to see examples of your artwork. Please bring a piece to share.



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